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Grow & Be Seen

If you want to become anything, sell anything, grow, develop or build need to have power, influence and authority with the right people, who get the sense that they can trust you. 

Gain Authority & Trust

Social media is a wonderful thing that brings with it a heavy burden for small businesses. On the plus side, it gives you unprecedented access to tell your story to a global audience and it's free.  It's also a massive time suck and you have plenty on your plate without having to think of creating high-quality, engaging content everyday. 

The Best Time Is Now

If you have ever tried to grow your business online and via social media, you know it takes time, it's complicated, costly and it takes a lot of work!  

Well that is still the case, with one exception! An exception that has created a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to establish your personal or business brand, gain authority in your niche and  grow your influence fast...with maximum impact for minimum time using vertical short form video! 

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Brand Management Plans

Brand Plan


a month

Grow Your Following

5 Vertical Videos shared across all platforms
Plus x1 Meta/Pinterest edit per video
Video/image story clip x 5
Initial template design
Subtitles in any language & video editing
Branding, headlines & emojis as requested
Plus trending music for each platform
Turnaround time 5 business days or less!
Total 15 pieces of content
Best for personal brand builders, just getting started and freelancers

Most Popular

Growth Plan 


a month

Steady Growth + Build Authority

10 Vertical Videos shared across all platforms
The basic plan plus
Custom campaign designs
Market strategy blueprint
Free access to the Brand Star academy
Minimum 30 pieces of content
Budget friendly option, scale as you grow

Pro Star Plan


a month

Fast Growth + Monetisation

20 Vertical Videos shared across all platforms
Custom campaign designs for every campaign
Strategy blueprint for the video platforms
Storytelling coaching
Plus unique music
Turnaround time 3 days or less!
Priority customer support
Minimum of 60+ unique pieces of content each month
Best for niche brands focused on strong commercial growth





Learn From The Best And Take Off

What Makes Our Course So Great?

We can help turn your ideas into a profitable brand 
Show you how to produce the most engaging content
Which platforms are the best match, ideas on what to post and when using only your smartphone
Learn styling secrets, your best camera angles and tips to get attention for you and your ideas
Develop your own unique phraseology style that makes you unforgettable 
Mentored by the creator of five, 7-figure global brands

Meet some of our Brand Creators... 


Brand Valuation

Created/developed/significant contributor of value to market-leading brands from real estate to digital, hospitality, luxury and wellness.


Brand Portfolio  

Worked with more than 4,500 of the world's market-leading brands, across 40+ countries in Europe, the Middle East, Far East and North America. 


Successfully complete our first brand consulting project  

Successfully delivered strategic development plan for spa and wellness for the Portman Ritz Carlton in Shanghai, China. 

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